About us

TRIK Pumpen GmbH is a powerful, traditional company which since 1958 has successfully established itself as the first choice whenever liquids need to be conveyed. Our range of specialised products extends from hand pumps through to modern pumping stations. Our strength lies in manufacturing to individual specifications. In the History section find out how, over the years, a one-man enterprise became a successful company thanks to reliability, expertise and experience.

Click on Brochure to download our company brochure in PDF format. The brochure contains all the essential information on TRIK-Pumpen GmbH and its products. Under ISO 9001:2015 you will find information on our quality assurance system which guarantees the con- sistent reliability of our products for our customers. Take a look at our References, where you will find a selection of our customers. TRIK pumps have been used for many varied requirements and thanks to their reliability, have proven themselves to our customers in usage.